Red dot stays dirty. Auto save doesn't work

I noticed that when I save manually the file, the red dot in de window bar ( Mac) gets directly dirty. Thats is the black dot in the bigger red dot.
Why is that?
Is this a known issue, or does this come because of a plugin?

When I did try Make last week, just before i did go for the Pro, there was always an autosave, but since tI am using the pro version, my autosave folder is empty.
I knew the path already, but its empty.

It should be just the opposite, as mine is: doc is dirty UNTIL I save, then black dot goes away. So you’re saying your black dot doesn’t go away?

What plugins are you running?

if the file has a path, it’s autosave file should be in the same folder as it, if it doesn’t have a save path for it would be made in
/Users/<your name>/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2016/SketchUp/Autosave folder…


Of course, your right about that, its dirty when you make an change, then its dirty, but after a manually save the dirty flag comes back.

I saw this notification
"SketchUp 2016/SketchUp/Plugins/BGSketchup_Components_manager/Components_Main.rb:100:in `onPreSaveModel’
Error: # TypeError: reference to deleted Entity>"
27-06-16 20:23:57,214 SketchUp[4951]: Could not find image named ‘32x32_tb_phototextures’.
27-06-16 20:26:14,362 LayOut[4953]: Could not find Instructor file for TextEditTool

those are recurring.

Also I notice that when using rotation and push pull often and very quickly, I got a hang, and have to kill the app.
My guess is that de 3D mouse and Navigator using at the same time can give some issue’s.

Both folders doesn’t have any autosave files.

I will make tommorow a new SU doc, with just one line, and look what wil get happen.

We haven’t vetted Inteloide / BGSketchup in Extension Warehouse, so who knows what it’s doing. I’d check sketchucation.

Oke, I did do it yesterday right away. With a few lines and rectangles, ( I should sell it as Art) without saving. This morning there was no autosaved file.

Then I did change a style and let it wait for 10 minutes. yep, there was an auto save. Then I did do some changes again. No autosave for 22 minutes. then I did change a style again, then in 11 minutes an autosave. Could be a coincidence but could it related to style’s? Now 14 minutes no autosave, after one great new square, WITH an wireframe turned on. yep. an autosave. Why so irregular?
With working at my current project, auto save again not working. Now already for 72 minutes noting saved. Time to save it manually.

when opening my work project this morning and now after a restart, I get in the ruby console
Error: # RangeError: integer 140187620415168 too big to convert to int'> SketchUp:1:in onOpenModel’

About the console, If I want to checkup a file using the ruby console, it is grayed out when opening SU. You have to first opening a new project, open the ruby console. Close that project, then opening the project for to see ruby messages. Why is the ruby console grayed out before opening the first project?

Is there some issue inside?
Cleanup wanted?
There are several cleanup plugin’s but not knowing which one is a good one or doesn’t remove something under the hood what is really needed. Of course I make a Backup, but needed hidden things what will get removed is unknown and may found out later after hours of work.
So my question, Is there a good cleanup script? What is a good working one?

Also, what I noticed. If I look at the Model in styles, thus the styles saved in the model, then I see all the styles that i use(d), thus the one I use and the one’s I did use once but change to another. They are saved when I save the project. When I reopen then I see them back, all of them. But if I do purge, then the document doesn’t get dirty. I would expect that a save is needed because the document/project is changed. Why not?

This almost surely occurs because of a plugin that uses an “observer” to monitor your model and does something to it after it is saved. Often the action is to set an attribute that remembers something about model state. While not visible to you, such a change causes SketchUp to mark the model as “dirty”. By selectively turning off plugins, you can track down the culprit and decide whether whatever it does is worth living with this minor hassle.