Rectangles split into hidden triangles after a while

I’ve been using Sketchup 2021 for about 1 year. This is the first time I am encountering such a problem. While modeling the mass model of a hospital project, some areas suddenly broke out. When I made the geometries visible, I saw that many surfaces were shattered. Also when doing push pull these lines were not there, at that time everything was fine. These breaks occurred later. I have been a professional Sketchup user for 5 years. I work with principles such as group, layer, but this is the first time I have faced such a problem. I would appreciate your help.

My guess would be that you have Length Snapping enabled in units and that has allowed a tiny error to creep in.

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First of all, thank you for your answer. Isn’t the snap feature always an active feature? Never had such a problem before. However, I run into the same problem, for example, when I want to trace a rectangle on the surface with the help of the drape command. I have attached the screenshot attached.

Did you create the model from scratch in SketchUp or import it from some other application?
Is the model very far from the model origin point?

we imported the wall drawings from autocad. But the autocad drawings belong to us and were drawn very cleanly.

It strikes me once again to see another user (nothing personal!) having installed so many extentions without seemingly having the full knowledge of SketchUp’s basic tools and how SketchUp works.
Spend some time learning SketchUp Fundamentals (SketchUp Fundamentals (Desktop)) or other Youtube video’s (by @TheOnlyAaron for example) before using extentions. The time spent will pay off.

(Hope to see you at the Knowledge Hub at 3D BaseCamp in Vancouver.)

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AutoCad Architecture? Solid or surface model?
Did you use the “Delete coplanar edges” option when importing?
Can you post the model? The triangulation is probably from the import process, or selecting and moving things inconsistently.

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We imported the architectural drawing. It was a clean 2D floor plan. I drew the lines I would use to make the model from the drawing myself.

I paid attention to the issues you mentioned. However, I am sharing the model with you.

genel hastane kütle.skp (1.7 MB)

Length Snapping might be the issue, if one of your zillion extensions is not causing this. Everything is just slightly out of alignment.

Why is the model placed almost a kilometer from the origin?

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My post here, and the linked other topic, may help:

I moved your building to 85 km from the origin, and then the issues become more obvious.

Thank you very much. I did not use any plugins while making this drawing. But if what you are talking about is that the software of the plugins damage the drawing, I can consider a clean install on this subject. I will pay attention to the Length Snapping value or disable it. There is only one facade in the file I uploaded. There were several facades on my stage and this mass was miles away. I will be more careful about this.

Thanks a lot, I’m looking into the issue.