Rectangle question

It may seem simple but in sketchup when making a rectangle, what direction determines the dimensions of the square layout? or How do I know what axis the rectangle will face when I type in the dimensions?

Thank you

Your question isn’t that clear. If you want to control which axis the rectangle is perpendicular to, you can use the cursor keys. Right for red, Left for green, and up for blue.

If you are asking which dimension to enter first when typing them it depends on the rectangle’s orientation. Just drag out the rectangle so it is clearly longer in one direction than the other. Look at the measurements window and enter your dimensions in the same order.

OK Thanks Dave, Your second answer was the one I was referring to, that the way I’ve been doing it and I was curious to know if there was a defalt direction to enter before dragging the rectangle out?

The order is always x, y and z (red, green, blue), but most of the times it will be simpler and quicker the way Dave has explained.

Actually that’s not always the case. Here is an example where Z (blue) comes before Y (green).

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Thanks, just something I never looked into

ahh - this is where my confusion came from - I look to use the cursor keys - thanks

True for rectangles not ‘On Face’.
For rectangles ‘On Face’ the largest dimension seems to always come first. So it’s pretty predictable.

added: On the other hand, drawing a rectangle ‘On Face in Group’ or ‘On Face in Component’ is tricky again. Sometimes the axes order seems to determine which dimension comes first and sometimes the largest comes first irrespective of the axes order.

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