Rectangle on a curved surface. Perplexed

Question for the masters…

I’ve searched and looked through the tutorials but I’m stumped.I want to put that white rectangle centered in all directions on the curved surface.

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How about this way using pushpull?

Try using midpoint inferencing and the MoveTool.

Both objects should be group or component first. And it might be easier if X-ray mode is on.

Select the white bar, activate the MoveTool.
Choose the midpoint of the bottom edge of the white bar, and then move it to the midpoint of the bottom edge of the gray column.
The white bar should still be selected.
Choose (click and release) the midpoint of the near side of the white bar, and then begin dragging directly upward along the blue axis. HOLD the SHIFT key down (to constrain along this axis.)
With the SHIFT key down, hover over the near midpoint of the column’s edge. (You’ll see a cyan dot for the inference when it is the midpoint.) Click and release to place the white bar.

Oh my god. I’m going to go stick my head in a fryer. That is so easy. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!

The erase seems a bit cumbersome to me: if the two objects were two groups then you could simply select the curved face, intersect with model, then come out the group curved and delete the square one.

(It also means that the two groups won’t join accidentally and you can align easier)

or just ‘Move’ copies of the edges, no groups needed…


It is a nice video showing the intersecting, but the OP asked about centering. (I assumed in my response that the white rectangle was not yet “centered on” with the curved face.)

Could be. It’s a matter of what part of the question one picked up on, “centered” vs “on the curved surface”. So maybe both right but both incomplete?

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Both are correct, but my main issue was getting it mapped to the curve. Thank you all again!


That’s a valid alternative!