Rectangle first point moves away when entering dimension with semicolon

When I draw a rectangle and type the dimension values like this: 400;500 to draw a 400cm x 500cm rectangle, the initial point will always be moved. The dimensions will be correct, but the position will change a bit. I figured out the problem might be with the semicolon, when I enter just the first dimension, 400, it works. I’m using non English keyboard, so in order to enter semicolon i have to press Alt GR + ,
If I switch to English keyboard layout then it works (but in this case I have press a key that has no semicolon symbol, that might be flustraing for people not being programmers). It also works in Sketchup Web.

Hit Alt Gr or ( Ctrl ) again just before you hit Enter.

(Also take your attention to look the left-side of the status bar during typing . :wink: )

Thanks, Alt GR again works.