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Sorry Folks,

After trying this out again, I can’t duplicate what I describe below. so the flip in coordinate orientation must be entirely my own.

… which probably doesn’t surprise too many people around here.

original post:

This is more of an inquiry, than a complaint… (or request to change behavior).

I’m curious as to why the ordering of coordinate input changes when using the ‘Draw About Center’ option.


When drawing a Rectangle… the ordering of coordinate input into the VCB box is… [x, y, z].

Yet, when the Draw About Center option is used, coordinate input switches to… [y, x, z].

This is the only example that I know of where the y coordinate leads the x coordinate for VCB input.

This isn’t necessarily a problem, but I thought that maybe something interesting is beneath all of this, in terms of what had to happen in order to get the draw about center working as it does. for example… one could argue for the case that the coordinate entry should be referenced from the center point to the upper right hand corner. and not from the lower left hand corner to the upper right.

However, thumbs up to the SU dev team for going with the lower left - upper right approach. I much prefer that compared to having to figure out the math for entering in a quadrant of the overall rectangle.

On occasion, but not always.

When drawing a rectangle from corner or from center, the order of the dimensions in the Measurements toolbar depends upon which direction the camera is facing and whether you’re drawing in empty space or inferring to existing geometry.

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