Recovering a Failed to Open Project

Fingers crossed for Colin.
Yes correct, the free trial of Sketchup Pro

Please correct your forum profile. That information is important for us to help you.

Thanks, I’ll keep checkign back here for any updates :crossed_fingers:

Not a good update…

I have seen files like that before, that are missing important bits of information. I still don’t know how that happens, but I can’t recover anything from the file without those missing bits.

Ah well! thanks for looking into it.
Whats the best approach moving forward after the free trial if I purhcase a plan what’s the best way to not lose or break files?

For any computer software you could have some sort of backup system in place, in case something bad happens. For example, I use Time Machine on macOS, and so every file I have has a backup for each hour over the last day, and each day over the last month. Then there are backups for each month going back a long time.

For SketchUp in particular, your subscription, even a Free one, comes with Trimble Connect. You can save your models there, and it also keeps a history of the changes in the file.

Alguém ja recebeu a mensagem: Este Modelo não parece ser do Sketchup.
Mas continuo vendo os arquivos na pasta de arquivo e o mesmo ainda esta com 78mb