Recovered File is not ok

How can I switch off Recovered file function. This is much too convoluted and confusing. I have often opened a ‘recovered file’ only to fine a file that is very old, and not the latest edits. the screengrab shows that the file had ‘crashed’, but I had saved this file 20 seconds prior, closed the file and opened it. What is worse, is that when one does open the recovered file IT DELETES THE LATER FILE!!!

When can one delete the so-called ‘Recovered Files’. The system keeps on asking to open them even though they are older than the later saved versions.

Use Finder to look in ~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2021/working/SKETCHUP/Recovered Files Delete the file from there.

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In my experience, what you’re describing happens to me when the original crashes, hangs or splats on close.

When the original file saves and closes normally, the recovered file is erased and the next session opens the proper version correctly.

There is a bug in the code for recovered files, since it doesn’t check for an abnormal close condition and compare the last save of each file to determine which one is newest. On open, it pops up that dialogue until you delete the recovered file from the location that Dave identified.

This has been reported multiple times, but no fix seems forthcoming — so in the meantime I make sure to verify which file is newer when opening the file.

In SU 2019 Mac, opening the recovered file does not automatically erase the original — if that’s what’s happening in later versions, then it seems a perverse ‘fix’ that doesn’t address the actual issue.

E.T.A : it seems that this is likely a Mac-only issue, as I’ve not seen it reported by Windows users. If so, that may explain why it isn’t a priority fix.