Reconstruction of Old Ukrainian Synagogue

These are reconstructions of two historic Ashkenazi synagogues located in the city of Lviv, Ukraine. The two structures were desecrated and completely destroyed during the World War 2.

1. Turei Zahav Synagogue

Turei Zahav Synagogue or Golden Rose Synagogue was one of the first synagogues built in the city of Lviv, back when the city was still part of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. This Orthodox synagogue was established in 1582 in the style of Rennaisance. The building is consisted of 3 rooms, vestibule, women’s gallery, and the main hall. The main hall, cloistered by rib vaults, is the largest section where the men prayed. The synagogue was desecrated in 1941 and demolished in 1943.

2. Tempel Synagogue

Tempel Synagogue was completed 1846 in the city of Lviv, back when the city was part of Austro Hungarian Empire. This Reformed/Progressive synagogue was built in the Baroque Revival style and had circular interior topped by a large dome. There are two balconies around the perimeter of the interior where the women would pray. The synagogue was completely demolished in 1941.