Recognise latest SKP file version on 3D warehouse

We are working on connecting our application (called Tilelook) to the 3D warehouse in order to download models from there and use them in our app for interior design. We would like to avoid the user having to choose which version of a model they want to download (ex. skp8, kmz, collad, etc.) but always automatically get the latest version of the file available. Up to now we managed to make the connection from our app to 3DW and detect clicks from the browser in order to get the file, but we haven’t found any way of detecting file versions from the javascript of the webpage or anywhere else. Any suggestion ?


The 3D Warehouse does not have an API. So you have to be careful about the way how you do it (Terms of Service: “Misuse includes […] Scraping information from 3D Warehouse”).
Maybe someone from the 3D Warehouse team can enlighten you?

Thanks, not sure what is meant by “scraping”, I assume there is no problem to connect to 3D Warehouse as it is a publicly available website. Would appreciate if someone could point me to the right direction on this…

“Scraping” is a geek term for extracting information from a screen (or web page) by processing the content displayed there, as opposed to using an officially provided link or interface.