Recent Aaron video on using style settings to prep for sending to Photoshop

Recently (within 6 mos./), Aaron did a video on using style settings to prep a SketchUp model prior to exporting it a Photoshop-type program for further processing like adding clouds, sky, etc.

If I recall, it involved changing shadow settings way up and down to create masks, etc.

I can’t seem to find it in YT. I have honestly tried. :slight_smile:

Turning SketchUp Scenes into LayOut Viewports - Skill Builder - YouTube ?
or 5 STYLE TIPS for SketchUp and Layout! - YouTube ?

Thanks. I’ll check them out. I guess it was more directed to LO than to a photo editor – similar structures.

Nope, not it. Maybe it was the one with the orange car fading into a black and white outline.

Help me, Aaron! Help me get it off of my mind.

(Pretty please.)

It seems like it used a mask screen that was gradated.

This old thing?

That was it. Yes, as you said at the end - “a little off the beaten path” -so much so that I couldn’t find it.

Thank you for all that you do for SketchUp and the people who use it.

Aaron, you are a gift to all of us.

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Aw, shucks!

Hey! Don’t underestimate yourself. Look at the overwhelming “Thumbs ups” you get versus the one “Thumb down.” I bet it is always the same guy - Jody maybe?