Receiving System Error at Log-In

I just downloaded the free version of SketchUp and set-up an account with username and password. Completing log-in brings me to a page requesting that I complete my profile. When I fill in the boxes, agree to the terms of use, and click “Submit” I get a system error and cannot access SketchUp.

I spoke to Technical Support about this just now and was asked to submit a screen shot. I hope the attached screenshot displays properly. I am using an iMac with El Capitan. Safari is my browser.

Hi Danel

How exactly did you get to that that account set up page? Can you list the links/options you clicked

The weird thing is that appears to be part of Trimble Connect profile completion pages. You should not see those if you are creating an account from SketchUp or SketchUp related properties like 3D warehouse or Extension Warehouse.

Thanks for the report!

Thanks Bryce. I got in. I initially missed the whole second step of
registering with Thimble. All is fine now.

Ok thanks for letting us know.

Ah, we finally have our own piece in Monopoly… but wait, Hasbro discontinued the Thimble? Sigh…

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Nothing to add to this:

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*Thimble --*my mistake but clearly a marketers dream and a great way to get
tech staff support! Thanks. I’ve enjoyed the humor.

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