Real World Scale to Other Applications


I plan on selling some models online as well as get into some 3D printing and I am concerned about how SU may scale in another package. For example, my Sketchup models import into Blender at a very large scale. I do not own 3DS or C4D etc. so cannot say how a SU model behaves in those. I do not want to put models on the market that will cause the customers more work. I figure if the models can import at real world scale as I like to model, it would be a better experience for them as I sometimes download models in crunch time and hate it when I have to do too much modifications. Is there a way to control the scale of Sketchup models so they import to other applications in real world scale or publish them at standard sizes?


What format do you use to exchange the models?
Some formats doesn’t support units.

The SKP file format contains the model units so applications importing SKP directly should have no problem importing 1:1 scale if they read the file correctly.

Some formats, like STL, doesn’t have any unit info with them, so the user importing have to know what unit the file was created in.

And often importers have ways to override units of incoming files - which can often be forgotten.

There is no way for you to ensure applications and users import correctly as it’s entirely dependent on the application you import in and whether the user has overriding import settings.

I guess the best you can do is provide How To instructions in case some users are not sure how to import in the correct scale.


Thanks for the explanation. I export mostly OBJ files. I would export in 3ds sometimes and FBX for some game assets. I guess any scaling consistency would be in a case where a Sketchup user imports a model to SU, Max to Max, etc. So basically am I right to not worry about cross application import/export when it comes to scale as long as the model is clean and organized?


I don’t recall if OBJ contain unit info, but if it does the SketchUp info should be following it. It’s then a task of the importer to make use of that data if it exist.

So as long as you model a to scale and clean SketchUp model you are doing as much as you can.
Have you considered collada files? It’s a more modern file format and support more features than many of the older ones.


I will try Collada again. I thought it didn’t really catch on yet. I don’t see many collada models being sold. The last time I tried it was a few years ago and didn’t have much useful results through Free SU.