Read only Sketchup for Schools

Can you save a read only file from SketchUp for Schools platform? If so, how? Thanks

The SketchUp file format, ends with skp is shared across the whole SketchUp product range.
That means that if you share it, anyone with access to SketchUp can alter things.

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Saving as a SKP isn’t our issue. A teacher I work with is wanting to save a 3D plan SketchUp file as a read only so when he shares it with students they can’t manipulate it.


So it can’t be shared as skp…

You can export to a picture (png) and share that.
What do you mean with ‘manipulate’ ?

It is an architecture class and the teacher wants to give the students 3D plans for the students to follow without them being able to change or edit them.

Thanks for your help with this

You could lock all of the components and groups in the file. That would slow them down.

A read only file can still be altered, it just can’t be saved.

Maybe I do not understand, what is the use for this?

It is computerstuff, if you mess things up, start again?