React Developer Tools in HTMLDialogs?

Has anyone found a way to use the React Developer Tools in an HTMLDialog?

@kengey ?

The modifications to Chrome Devtools are via a Chrome extension.

The following CEF forum question was asked …

… which linked to the following issue thread at BitBucket, but all issues since transferred to the GitHub repository:

so, it was “on the radar” as early as Sep 25, 2017. Not sure if this support has been completed.

Looking at:
chromiumembedded / cef / libcef / common / extensions / api / README.txt — Bitbucket
… it seems like this would need to be done by SketchUp’s Extensibility Team when they build the CEF implementation for SketchUp.

@bugra @tt_su @ChrisFullmer @Hilliard_Scott


React Developer Tools – React

react/packages/react-devtools-core at main · facebook/react · GitHub

react/packages/react-devtools-extensions at main · facebook/react · GitHub

I had the first two links but not the rest, thanks Dan!