Reached storage limit

I’m using Sketchup Free and getting an error message “This model could not be uploaded to your account because you seem to have reached your storage limit.”
I have cleaned out all but 385 MB of drawings but still get this message. According to the product page I should have 10GB of storage.

Does anyone have an idea of what is going on or where I need to report this?

same happened to me here… having problems for about 12 hours already and deleted many unused files also. I checked in ‘trimble connect’ portal, my project is 79 mb only but don’t know whether ‘Number of file versions: 842’ matters or not.

It would be grateful if anyone can help…


same here, although I supposedly have “Sketchup Shop” which in theory gives me unlimited storage. Very frustrating!

@Russ @bcheungx @ward1

Thanks for the report. We are looking into it. I will give you an update when I know more.


I have also had this error, for context I was making a weapon for a character and had dozens of different versions all lined up, and we had decided which one to go with so deleted the rest and clearing out their components, so now there was just the one left, then saved and got the error message, I would have thought it would have run out of space when there where dozens of them not when there is only one, it doesn’t make any sense to me as I run out of data when I freed up data.

could the error message itself be an error? because my files are still saving fine

(after the error message pops up open a new tab of sketchup and look in your files you should see the latest version there and you can access it just fine)

sorry for the long ramble but I hope the save…thing works for you as well and you can get back to normal whilst the people at sketchup can figure out what is happening.

Unfortunately now I only get a crash and no save.

Super frustrating. We just got a $3500 quote from a kitchen designer which I think that we are going to have to hire now that I have no way of doing it myself anymore.

She uses Autocad.

am sorry to hear that, let us hope whatever the problem is is resolved soon, and doesn’t do a repeat when we need it :confused: .

@ChrisDizon, is this a location thing? I was working in SketchUp Shop today with a large file. No problems saving it.

Happy to hear that and thank you. Fortunate enough that I can still open the skp files I need and exported them to desktop. As I can’t find where to cleanup previous versions, I decided to delete the whole project and open a new project in trimble connect. Files are then uploaded to the new project, and now I can save them normally.
Hope the team can solve this issue. Great work sketchup team.

@Russ at el.

We recently made some improvements in user management functionality for Connect. However, one of the unintended side effects was that data usage for files coming from SketchUp was calculated incorrectly. This has been fixed and things should be back to normal now. Please let us know if you’re still seeing these issues.


I’m still seeing the issue. I worked for about 10 minutes and the autosave caused a re-start and none of my work was saved.


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