RBZ files being returned after encryption won't unzip

I have been resubmitting my rbz over and over this morning and the rbz I get back won’t unzip (after I change the ext to .zip). Is this happening to anyone else? It was working for me fine yesterday.

try using ‘The Unarchiver.app’ on your mac…

I don’t even change the .rbz extension name…


On which of your operating systems in your profile do you observe this? Which (un)archiver program do you use? Some archiver programs correctly check for the magic byte to detect the file type, some take the shortcut and only check the file name extension (which is not zip, thus unknown). If that is the case, try renaming to zip.

Otherwise ensure that the file has been completely downloaded and is not corrupted.

Did the rbz file change significantly in size? Which OS are you using?