Raw geometries acting like groups


I’m trying to understand how the components that i’m using (3D models from furniture manufacturer) has “fake groups”.

This component is in a group, obviously. When I enter this group, it’s only raw geometries (no more groups). The model has multiple parts and when I’m triple clicking one of those parts, it will only select raw geometries from this part, even if it’s not in a group.

Picture 1: Inside the component group.
Picture 2: When I triple click a part of this model
Picture 3: If I press CTRL and triple click another part:

As you can see, it selects raw geometries only from that specific part.

I wonder how you can achieve this type of modeling inside Sketchup. Is there a way to isolate raw geometries inside 1 group without having groups within groups within groups?

Let me know if that is possible or it can only be achieved using another modeling software.

Thank you ! :slight_smile:

Look at the Outliner. It’ll show you what components and groups are in the model.

Share the .skp file so we can examine it.

What you describe would happen if the subunits of the group are not actually contiguous, that is, there are small gaps between them. In loose geometry, triple-click selects all connected edges and faces. But otherwise groups or components are the only way to prevent geometry in subunits from “sticking to each other”.

elements might not be in contact. Even if they look in contact, if they don’t actually intersect, triple clicking on one column won’t select anything else.


edit: slbaumgartner was quicker. but yeah. that.

it looks like it was modeled with geometry that overlaps, but does not connect. Faces can lap through each other without “welding” fir the edges do not touch… when this happens you can select connected geometry with a triple click.

This is not a great way to model, however, because a slight move of geometry can cause things to connect together.

EDIT… Wow! That was a lot of good replies in rapid succession! What an awesome forum!

Model.skp (977.4 KB)

Here’s a file with that specific model. Note that every models from that manufacturer is acting the same.

Keep in mind that is an imported 3D DWG.

Thank you !

If you turn on x-ray, you will see that @TheOnlyAaron is on the money: the subunits penetrate each other without actually intersecting. And, as he noted, this is a very fragile model structure!

I just checked if the geometries is touching, and yes. I don’t get why it’S acting like it’S groups without being in groups.

I just checked if the geometries is touching, and yes. I don’t get why it’S acting like it’S groups without being in groups.

Thank for you reply ! Indeed a lot of help in this forum! It’s appreciated !

Actually, I didn’t know that raw geometries won’t merge if edges aren’t touching! Good to know ! Thank you!

Yes! I’m pretty sure that’s the answer too ! And I agree that this is not a structure you want to build on ! Thank you for your answer! :slight_smile: