Raster Above Raster

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I am trying to overlay a raster image of a second floor plan - which has an ‘open-to-below’ feature in it - over a main floor plan. My goal is to overlay these viewports so that the main floor materials are visible in the ‘open-to-below’ area of the second floor viewport. Catch my drift?

When the second floor viewport is set to Raster, it blocks the view of the floor material below.

Can someone point me in the right direction?



I just set up a quickie example. Two components, one with a hole in it, each with a different layer tag and each one visible in a different scene.

In LO the viewports are stacked with the top (yellowish one) on a layer above the other one. Both are rendered as raster.

There’s no ground or sky enabled and the background color is set to full white in the style and Background is disabled in LO.
Screenshot - 1_19_2020 , 9_02_03 PM

Does that work for you? If not, can you share the LO file?

You could put the main floor plan above the second floor plan and draw a clipping mask on it of the “open area” outline and it should display as you describe?

Thanks for the example. I see what you’ve done, but am struggling to put that into practice on my end. I’ve uploaded the .skp file for reference. I’m trying to stack the ‘3rd Raster’ over the ‘2nd Raster’, but can’t seem to create the hole that you’ve shown in your example. The ares in inside the red rectangles are the areas that I would like to see the ‘2nd Raster’ through.

Goodrich Working Model.skp (9.5 MB)


Disregard - sorry. I simply turned the first floor raster ‘on’ and adjusted the fog settings slightly. Created a separate scene for the garage roof to complete the look.

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this was using clipping.

Thanks so much. That looks really good. I’ll research ‘clipping masks’ a bit more this week.

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