Rainbow wheel after downloading components from 3D Warehouse (new to SU)

When loading anything from the 3d warehouse into my model there seems to be a long lag time. I get a rainbow wheel for about 2-3min before the component is loaded into my model. Any help?

3D warehouse models are often error prone.

Best to open them individually, correct issues such as not at the origin and then load into your working project.

Also, Window>model info>statistics>purge now.

I’m not working with very large square footage and have an edges count of over 3million. Could that be an issue?

Yes, it definitely could. In general, edge counts over about 1 million can cause serious slowdowns in SketchUp, how severe depending on your hardware. This is a particular issue when downloading models from the 3DWarehouse, as many of them are way too detailed for safe use as “entourage” in a model.

Also worthwhile to check Su hardware requirements - Su 2019

That makes sense. I am on my personal computer which is a Macbook, but will be getting a computer with greater graphic storage going forward. Thankfully I’m done editing and just need to take Layout views of my space. Hoping I won’t run into issues there. Thanks so much! I’m glad I joined this community!

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