Quicker way to get the partial outline of a spherical object, to use with 'follow me tool'?

I was able to successfully create the notch for the balls in an axial bearing to rest in.

The video briefly documents the step I had to take to create the notch. I was wondering if there was quicker way to obtain the notch?

The part that involved getting the outline, suggests that it may be done in a qucker way. Using the line tool resulted in taking longer than it should and I was more likely to end up making a mistake.

skp file: 038_axial bearing.skp (2.7 MB)

Are you asking how to make the race? Iā€™d have drawn the cross section and used Follow Me to sweep it around a circle.

If you want the profile of the ball, turn on hidden geometry and select the edges, or even draw an edge across and delete the rest.

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