Quicker Sharing Embedded Models in the SU Warehouse w SU Community

When I’m asking a question in the SketchUp Community and want to reference a model that I’m working on I have to use the URL to embed it into the post. If I happen to be working on the model when I’m asking the question, I usually upload it right then and there to the warehouse from SketchUp directly. However, once the model is uploaded, I have to then open my browser, go to the SketchUp Warehouse, log in to the Trimble account, click on my models, click the specific model, and copy/paste the URL.

Is there a way to add the URL of a given model that’s been uploaded to the SketchUp Warehouse to the window within SketchUp? In other words, is there a way to access the URL of a given model without using your browser?

Here’s the window that pops up when you share a model to the SU Warehouse. Notice that there’s no way to access the URL.