Quick Licensing Question

I am keen to switch fully from 2022 to 2024 as soon as my most important extension (Undet) becomes compatible with 2024 - but in the meantime I would like to practise using 2024 when I have work that doesn’t require the Undet plugin…

I can have 2022 open on my PC and 2024 open on my laptop simultaneously - but when I sign out on my LapTop I cannot get both versions to open on my PC together?

Is this normal or should I be able to have both versions open on my PC at the same time?


yes. you can be connected 2 (3?) times with a single seat.

so you can have 22 on your PC and 24 on your laptop.
you could also have 22 and 24 on your PC at the same time.
Right now I have 24 open on my mac and on my PC, and I just launched 23 on my mac as well.

you could try loggin out and in again if it refuses to work.

Thanks - I have just deleted 2024 on my PC and will now reinstall it and see what happens :pray:

deleting and reinstalling has nothing to do with your activations.

you activate your seat when you log in, and you deactivate it when you log out.

you could log in, then uninstall sketchup, the server wouldn’t know about it.

Thanks - but I have tried logging in and out on my PC so many flippin times I just feel the need to try something new :grinning:

Your original reply stating that it should be possible to have them both open on my PC simultaneously has inspired me to try again and it never hurts to stat with a clean sheet.

Don’t go away :+1:


It still didn’t want to work to start with but logging out and back in on 2022 finally worked.


it’s a valid solution when it comes to SU on multiple machines, lg in ant out of stuff so that the machine(s) have to query the server and see how many activations are free.

now you should be good for a month.

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