Quick help modifying a simple plugin

I need a quick help modifying a plugin that would autoupdate the imported images/objects to SU when the csv source changes.

The images/objects currently get imported to SU using the csv image import plugin with the help of sdmitch, all I need is a quick modification to autoupdate the imported images when the source changes.

I will appreciate any help to get this quick modification done!

Thank you!

FWIW: everybody has a right to ask anything from anyone for free etc. , but I find the tone of asking a bit disrespectful, if I may say.
I do not know in what field of business you are in but suppose you are a designer and you have just made a design for a house. Youre client says ‘thank you’ and goes to another designer for a few ‘minor’ changes, leaving you with … etc. you might end up with a working extension to your needs.

In general: pay peanuts, get monkeys

wrong. In the post it never says free, I dont mind paying. But thanks for your opinion to make it more clear!

In general: its better to ask first vs incorrectly judging. Because incorrectly judging its disrespectful, if I may say

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I still find the tone disrespectful, though.

Says who? This reminds me of one of my clients who repeatedly wanted to change the position of a wall, not realizing that the plumbing etc. in the concrete floor was based on the original plans and thus causing extra costs besides the ‘quick’ modification.

There might be ‘plumbing ‘ in your extension

My point is, by stating that there are only a few quick modifications left to fullfill the project, it diminishes the (art)work of developers and programmers…

Which reminds me of the blogs of David Thorne😃

hummm the expert plugin developers, not a plumber.

But again it all depends on expertise level, if you have no clue how to develop a plugin, then sure I can understand a simple plugin could seem like a monster size task.

But on the other hand an experienced ruby dev finds it simple and you get surprised how nice and talented they are.

My point is, its not the task at hand that matters, its your level of expertise that matters.

For a great dev, its simple

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My point is, how much do you value these ‘quick’ modifications?

simple, easy, compared to SUPER complex projects I have worked on and currently working on