Quick Group command, plus a folder path issue.!

Hi guys.!
I hope these words will be read, and hopefully something will change.!

  1. For the first one I’ve been thinking a lot for some time, nothing to found about it… until 2 days ago, installing Wisext 3D Offset, I’ve discovered many hidden commands inside that extension (normally not available, at all, nor nothing mentioned about them in the entire internet) one of them being exactly that - Quick Group - meaning “Select al connected and making a group” in a single command. And that made me think that i am not that crazy…
    Well, i think this one don’t require many years in college and a PhD to admit that it should have already existed in Sketchup… for some years ago.

  2. The second one is a real issue, maybe a bug…!
    You have the option to replace “PrivatePreferences.dat” from \AppData\Local\SketchUp\ path, and voila, your Sketchup is almost identical no matter if you changed the machine, OS, or even your Sketchup…
    Well, that is in theory, because very soon you will find that there is a childish limitation (which i refuse to believe is intentional), and the limitation is as follow: you have the option to change all the paths for every kind of library, except for the template library, which is normally blanked (it is where it is and that’s it), and this aspect will make replacing “PrivatePreferences.dat” a dangerous game, unless you have the same path (including the same User Account in Windows, and the same name for you User Account).
    I mean, (blanked or not…) at least you have the option to choose if you want to import/export also the path along with the shortcuts when you import/export “Preferences.dat”, than why not give that option globally…when you know that you blanked it…!?
    Well, maybe because you don’t know that is blanked…!

No matter how much i try, i can’t wrap my head around this two.!

Select all connected: triple click. Make group: keyboard shortcut such as Command-G. The native features doesn’t seem very awkward or tedious to me; do you do this lots and lots of times per session?

A lot, truly.!
And i am convinced that I’m not the only one - is that just people get used to whatever is served and consider it “normal”.!

You could create a single key shortcut for select all connected and the same for make group, so tap two keys, done.

That i already have done, long ago.!

And i also use a trick for the second problem.!

But this does not make them vanish.!

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I think sometimes people look for the wrong solution to a workflow situation. If for example, you have many clumps of loose geometry that you need to go through and make into groups, I would look at something like Loose to Groups which will isolate all connected individually into their own groups in one click.

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I suspect (without confirmation from Trimble) that the template path is locked because templates, like all .skp files, are version-specific. Since a default template may be loaded during startup, a version mismatch might cause a crash of some sort. Again, just guessing…

Instead, i, think that we do not live in a world made out of sticky geometry, which is why AutoCAD and all the others work in a different way.
I do not say Sketchup is inferior to them, on the contrary - sticky geometry has many advantages over all the others, yet, in the end, when you think about the final results, nothing is ending in sticky geometry, for the same reason - we do not live in a universe made out of sticky geometry.

Use another software then.

Well, i see… nothing.!
I should have seen it from the first time.!

I think SketchUp was designed with real-world objects in mind, not 2D drawings. The edges and faces of a real object do not exist independently. They are “sticky” in the sense that they are inseparable aspects of the whole. In contrast, most CAD apps were designed to replicate drawing, in which each line is just a line; intersection and connection are interpretations of what touching lines mean.

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I meant that in the end everything is a “Solid Object” in a way or another…!

Anyway, I have to admit that “Loose to Groups” is a good tip, and I also admit that I didn’t knew what it is and what it does…, I have seen it many times but I didn’t payed attention at all, I mean at all.!

So you demand new things and disparage the developers without really knowing what you asking for.

“Sticky geometry” might in fact be quite a good description of the universe.


My extension does that, its called Tax Engineering.
Theres a feature called “Agroup by loose” that you can assign a shortcut.
Lemme know of feedbacks if you try so I can improve it. thx :v:

obs: sorry if recently I’ve been talking too much about my extens. I do it when I find it could help people.

The best solution is to develop your own version of a drawing program. All software has limitations as do computers.

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Well, all of this wasn’t about you personally - I don’t even know you.!

And if you think that I am that stupid, maybe you will tell me how I do have access to that list, and I still can use it, although is not available in Sketchup…!?

And maybe you will tell me also what is the trick that I use with PrivatePreferences.json…, if you still think I am stupid.!?

What version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile says you are using SketchUp Free (web). This contradicts what you are talking about in this thread.

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2022, license owned by the company i work at.!