Quick fix for face?

Hi. I am trying to make a street with a median, the street should be 6" below the median and the curb. I imported the linework from an AutoCAD dwg. The median has an outer curb face and an inner face that will be a planting strip. The problem is, the linework separating the outer curb face from the street apparently isn’t connected on the street plane. As a result, when I drop the street level down, the part of the median that is its curb drops as well and leaves its outline hanging in the air (see pic). Is there a quick fix I can do to make the linework a part of the street plane so that when I drop the street, the median curb face stays intact where it is? Thanks.

IF and only IF the outer line is continuous, you should be able to make it into a face by drawing a line across it anywhere.

Otherwise, you may have a gap in it from the import. Fix that, and it might work.

It would help if you upload the SKP and/or DWG file for us to be able to see what is happening.

Wow that was an easy fix. Should have thought of that myself. Sorry, haven’t used SU in awhile. Thanks.

Glad it worked so easily