Quick 3D text question


I think I have the part almost mocked up, but while I was able to manage straight lines with my first attempt at 3D letters, I don’t know what to do with the curves in the ‘R’. Any help with how to make it work so that I can finish the part up?

Thanks guys.


Can you show what you are trying to do?

I expect I would just use the 3D Text tool to make a letter R


Sorry. Here.air vent attempt #2.14 ‘never’.skp (1.2 MB)

air vent attempt #2.14 ‘war’.skp (1.3 MB)


With straight lines I was able to go through and redraw lines and then remove parts of the center horizontal line to my liking, but when I got to the ‘R’, I couldn’t redraw lines to separate the parts because of the curve.


Well, you could trace the curve with the Line tool. The curve is made up of straight line segments after all.

Instead, though, explode the letter components and draw the bar through. Select all of the geometry and use Intersect Faces. Then erase the unneeded edges.


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