Questions moving to 2017

No, its not done. Please draw a circle on the corner of the dormer (where I located my constraind line)

But it’s not the line I wanted to have. You’ve got my line in the file.

I give up. We apparently aren’t communicating.

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File for Trimble.skp (392.2 KB)
Yes, I think we apparently cannot find a mutual language. But take a look at the attached drawing and tell me how to draw that circle as easy as it was in SU8?

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ktomaszewicz - I think what you’re referring to is that if you try and lock the inference when hovering on a surface, the rotate protractor turns magenta and is locked to the elevational ht related to the plane you referenced. You can still then move it to an axis of your choosing but sometimes this seems difficult. If you want to retain complete freedom to lock to a plane and then move the axis point to an exact location - hover your cursor on an empty space in either the red, green or blue planes (x,y,z axis), press and hold shift and voila - move your cursor to the axis point of your choosing. Curiously, if on a plane other than the x,y, and z you need to hover over an edge or point on that plane to retain the angle of the planar lock only - if you hover on the plane itself and press shift - locked to the plane itself.

Use down arrow key for the behavior previously associated with shift.

You can also hold down the mouse and drag it in a direction for to select axis if there are no faces nearby with the desired orientation.


I’m the user of the Make version because I’m not professional, therefore I’m stick to 2017. Recently changed from 2015 and I have the same problem with locking to non base planes. I see that you are the only one who understands the problem described by ktomaszewicz. Unfortunately your suggestion doesn’t work for me. If I hover over a line/edge and hold shift, then I get even more constraint: to only this line. If I hover over a point it behaves just like I would hover over a surface.
It is a bit annoying. Now if I want to achieve what I want I need to use a Move tool additionally.

Isn’t there any solution for that?

I hope below picture shows better what I need


Without Shift key, Move tool or any other click, just hover over a face and wait a second.

If you just want your circle to be perpendicular to that line, use Pie tool.

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Thanks for quick reply.

After I posted I’ve just realized that the solution for my problem is just the down arrow key.
It locks surface plane as Shift key used to do in SU2015. Now Shift key has more functionality, which I can imagine could be useful in other cases.

I had some problems to use your solution. I found it works only when the view is set in a way that the edge endpoint is over a surface but that not always is the case or it could be difficult to find that view. Down arrow key is now what I love :slight_smile:

Anyway thanks for your second tip about Pie Tool.

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