Questions for sketchup

Good morning, I have a few questions about sketchup Pro and the system.

  1. is there a license?
  2. Cost per month? Year? Etc?
  3. Is there online help with questions, online chat?
  4. Is there a training manual with the software, or online training manual?

My name is Donald Gruntman
facilities manager at DeGroot Inc.
email address is:

thank you for your assistance in these questions

Please have a safe day!

A lot of your questions can be answered by going to

For pricing see:

With an active subscription you have access to support both through and through this forum. This forum is usually the best place to ask questions about using SketchUp.

There is a ton of online training starting with

Something to know is that these forums are not the direct sales or support contact to SketchUp. Most people answering questions here are SketchUp customers who like to help other customers with questions. You might want to edit your post to hide your email address, otherwise it may get added to an email spam list.

If you are using the 30 day trial of SketchUp, in the Welcome to SketchUp window is a Learn section. That has three links in it, one to these forums, one to the YouTube channel, and the middle one will take you here:

On that page you can work through a lot of fundamentals videos, to quickly get used to how SketchUp and LayOut work.

Dave, thank you very much for the information, appreciated the feedback, have a pleasant day! also doe the pro come with a training manual like online where you can print it our or view it? thank you

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