Questions about upgrading to Sketchup Pro? +Extra lighting plugin question

First of all, from a general point of view, is it worth it?

Second, what does “$150 USD per seat for network licenses” mean? My boss is looking to get a few licenses, but wants to know if it’s worth it.

And thirdly, this is off topic, but what is the best renderer/lighting plugin? Are there any free ones, and if not, what is the best one for the money?

Upgrading from what?

I’m not sure what is unclear about that.

As for is it’s worth it, as compared to what?

There is no “best” renderer. All of them have their plusses and minuses. You would want to trial a few different ones to see what works well for you. Vray is a popular renderer which is included in the SketchUp Studio license. I’m not sure of the per seat cost for network licenses for that but I expect you can find it at

Where does this come from? Is there a link?

I see the following Euro prices, exc.VAT

SketchUp Shop is a Web application that doesn’t run plugins like renderers.
I understand that there is a surcharge for Pro floating network licenses, and a minimum required number of seats.

There is no classic regular license abailable anymore, it’s all subscription based with a user sign in, not ‘floating’, ‘concurrent’,etc.
Existing network licenses will continue to work, though

You could get a discount if you need more seats, (20+)

My team is all floating network licenses. We share the same login.

A SketchUp instance activated by serial number and autho code (‘Classic’ License) is not the same as being activated by sign in with a Trimble ID.

The fact that you all sign in with the same Trimble ID for use of 3D Warehouse or Extension Warehouse has no impact on the activation process.

As said, classic license continue to work, but they are no longer available.

Autodesk has moved to a form of “pay for use” system for large organizations. Managing large numbers of (occasional) users is a PIA for IT departments.

Nobody said it was. LOL.

I might assumed wrong in your case, I’m just explaining how it is described. There is no ‘floating’ license available anymore, so the only way your team can have such a license is when you already had a classic license.

If you don’t have a classic license but a subscription,
you can add seats for your team members, but you can only assign one seat per email (=Trimble ID)

Each seat should be assigned to one email, only.

Of course, since you may install on two machines (but can on three) and if team members log out regularly there is no way to check who’s beyond the terminal or machine, so your team might run on a single seat subscription. However, this is not allowed by the Eula.

But the same goes for use of Make commercially within a company and if you go to ‘My Products’ and downloads, it is listed over there, LOL


A very open-ended question. We don’t even know what your company will be using it for. But it sounds commercial, in which case, you have no option if you want to use it for business purposes. Not legally, anyway.

As for renderers, that is a whole different ball game. It adds significantly to cost, learning curve, and man hours in use. Now that is something you need to carefully consider if it is “worth it”.

Thea Render is free but it wrecks your render with too many watermarks. I use it anyway (because I’m not professional, so wouldn’t be worth buying V-Ray or Lumion, Enscape etc)

Kerkythea is a free standalone rendering application with an exporter plugin for SketchUp.

depends… one of ‘the Best’ is surely V-Ray Render f. SketchUp.

The slightly limited Twilight Render Hobby version can be used even for commercial purposes.

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