is it possible devices in diagram get information or status from real device (an access point in diagram show the status and configuration of the real access point in network )

If I understand your question correctly, you are asking if objects in a SketchUp model can be automatically updated with information from external sources (presumably via a network connection). There is no built-in mechanism to do this using SketchUp and it is somewhat afield of what SketchUp was designed to do. I don’t know of any extension that offers this capability, though I suppose one could be written…

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how to add this one ![image|690x371](upload://y8C1msIl7XsG1HTaY1d5s9kTwZJ.jpe

There seem to have been a problem with your image upload. You can try again and wait to post until the spinning wheel next to the image code disappears.

Btw, a summary of the question itself as a title increases the change of a solution, as it is then easier to see what the question is before having to load the page first.

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how to make this box of information

That is an extension provided by Axis.

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how i can make a dialog box like this photo ?
i want to make something like dialog box for each objects
to add the object information on dialog boxes

If you want to create a window like that in an extension, use HtmlDialog.

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thank you
after making this windows how to link the window to object (after clicking the object the window should be open and show the information)