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I’m building a table out of wood and I have the table put together and I have layers & scenes that define my table top, aprons, legs, and shelf. I even have dimensions layers that allow me to display dimensions for some scenes when I zoom into components. For instance, my shelf scene shows my shelf layer and my shelf dimensions layer only. Everything up to this point is going well and is exactly like I expect it.

So, then I try to put together a ‘cut list’ scene where I lay everything out next to each other so I can see on the piece of wood where I will cut parts. Well, when I use the original components for my ‘cut list’ scene and try to move them around, then they move automatically on the other scenes (which is not what I wanted).

So, I try to copy the whole table and put it into a ‘cut list’ layer and I can move everything around to where I want them, but when I try to hide the unwanted layers from the ‘cut list’ scene, everything in the ‘cut list’ layer starts being hidden too (like it’s on the original layers, but it’s not).

I hope I explained this clearly, if not, please let me know your questions, I can even provide the SKP file if needed.



You need to make copies of the components to use in that layout scene. The scenes are basically camera positions. They show where you left the components. If you move them, they’ll show as moved in all scenes.

Make a new layer to put the copy of your components on so you can turn off the other layers without having the copies disappear, too.

If you provide the SKP file, I’ll set it up to show you what I mean. If you don’t want to share it publicly, send it in a PM by clicking on my name.


It sounds like you are assuming that associating a component with a new layer also re-associates its contents to that layer, which is not true. The contents retain their original layers. The relationship between a component’s layer and its contents layers is that when the component ‘s layer is hidden everything in the component is hidden. But when the component’s layer is visible, the layer of each internal part controls its visibility. If you assign other than layer0 to nested parts, you have to pay attention if you make a copy of the component.


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