Question for SketchUp Developers re OpenGL and Bleed Through

Why can’t the developers of SketchUp help solve the issue they conveniently :slight_smile: blame on graphics cards regarding bleed through?

I am a design-build contractor with an average IQ but if I was a programmer I can imagine fixing this issue with software and would stop the practice of blaming hardware. I would do this by developing a relationship between the geometry in the model, the camera position and the viewer. Based on the position of the camera and viewer, objects behind other solid objects would automatically be come hidden. This would then become an option in the settings.

Why is this not possible? Is it that SketchUp does not want to invest the time or money? Or is it that it would take a quantum computer to accomplish the processing of such?

And for the sake of progress, let us assume their are no such thing as tags :slight_smile: I have heard enough from the holier than thou cad standard people :slight_smile: haha

Let us become super humans and solve this issue once and for all. Let us take the high road and give the option of being good or bad people :slight_smile:

It is a question of computer mathematics. Bleed through results from limitations to accuracy, and exactly the same calculations would be performed to decide what is “hidden” as to decide what is “behind” today. The accuracy can be increased with a cost in performance but the limit will be reached anyhow where the decision goes wrong. Perhaps quantum computing…

I mentioned quantum computing in my original comment. I would hope there would be a solution before we have to wait for quantum computers become household objects.