Question about the use of sketchup

Hey people,

For my work i got to measure alot houses/real estate. As in the woodwork in m1 glass in m2. Brickwork in m2 But also want to to know the totals of everything in the end. Is it possible to get the information of a project. About what materials are in a object/house and how much of it. And ofc where its located.and export it to excel?

Hope im a bit clear of was my intentions are. Doesnt matter if its a pro version or free version.

Hope u peep can helpout!

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If you only need a means of measuring and calculating, I suspect a spreadsheet is your best bet.

You can create components in Sketchup and get information about quantity, volume, etc, but you would be doing a lot of work before you get there.

The pro version has dynamic components and report writer and runs ruby scripts all required to create lists of objects / materials. Besides you need the licence for commercial use. (free cannot be used commercially without a licence)
There are ready made scripts that may meet your needs, depending on the detail you require
Otherwise the forum can / maybe able to help with any customised options