Question about model integration

Can I integrate a model I integrate a model form one session into a new session? If so how.

Thank you for the help!!

You can import a SketchUp model into another SketchUp session. Use the Import feature from the hamburger menu at the top left of the screen.

What sort of things are you modeling?

I am playing with it now designing a DIY table saw with components. Learning the software, then I will tackle a floor play and then a home! I am retired and try to key my mind fresh!!

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OK. So you can also use the 3D Warehouse to supply things like tablesaw and other shop components. Open the Components panel from the button on the right and search for what you need. Just be careful because you can end up with very large components that can bloat your model and make it difficult to work with.

Thanks! I got what I was looking for! What browser do you recommend?

Good deal.

Typically Chrome is recommended over others but as long as the one you are using works, stick with it.