Pyramid with curved faces

Hello there,

I am currently struggling with something. I hope my english won’t be too bad for understanding.

I need to make an object which looks like this :

This is two curved faces that perfectly matches. The faces are cut by a plan (orange in this picture) :

To craft this object, i need to cut planks with a CNC machine. So I need to get a precise 2D plan for cutting before bending.

I’m pretty sure of the next document :

From there I’ve got questions :

  1. When you craft a rectangle-based pyramid with the top cutted, the faces shapes are trapeziums. If the faces are curved (in this scenarion), are the face still trapeziums in a 2D shape ?

  1. Is there a pluging that allows to “unbend” a curved face to a 2D surface (basically what I need).

Thanks for reading and helping me !


You could try Unwrap and Flatten from the Extension Warehouse. It’s designed specifically for that sort of thing.

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Turn on ‘Hidden Geometry’ to see what is going on. It helps to see how you would need to rotate flat the sections.

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You could try flattery. I was meaning to try it but haven’t got around to it.

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Thanks guys,

The “Unwrap and Flatten” worked like a charm !