Putting a hole through a shape created with follow me tool

Trying to put a hole through the center of a wheel I created with the follow-me tool. So far either it goes all the way through and sticks out, or it doesn’t go through enough. I made the initla object with follow me and I think I filled in the base correctly. What should I do to fix it to put a hole through the middle?
Train Wheel.skp (225.9 KB)

The simple way would be to draw a circle and then double click on it to push it out.
If that’s not an option then solid tools would do it, you’d make a cylinder and ‘subtract’ it from your wheel using solid tools.

In this case select all →right click and select ’ Intersect Faces with Selection’ in the context menu. Next delete unwanted geometry in the middle.

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Use the edge to show pushpull where to finish. And reverse all your faces, it is insideout.

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I’m curious why you didn’t draw the cross section profile with the hole already indicated. It would be formed as part of the Follow Me operation.


I was playing with the profile and getting it on the circle correctly. After you suggested it I tried and it worked great.