PushPull limitation in Make 2017

Hi There

As a retired person I enjoy tinkering around but buying a License for the Pro Version is unfortunately not in my budget. But the free version Make 2017 serves me well so far.

But today I am reaching a limitation I can´t think of how to create what I want.

Basically I want to pushpull an opening in a irregular object. I can pushpull it but at the other end it doesn´t cut through but creates a kind of tube. I am adding a file as a sample.

Does someone having an idea or did I reach the limits of Make 2017?

Thanks for any help

Sketchup PushPull test.skp (29.6 KB)

Pull through and intersect the faces.
Pull through

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Thank you so much for your lightning fast response with a solution!
A true Pro. I will try it out.
It prooves: One can teach an old dog new tricks :wink:

If the face you are trying to punch is not parallel to the face you are pushing against it, a hole will not be cut. This is a general property of all SketchUp versions. You could push past the other face, select the walls of the “tube”, use the Intersect Faces command and then delete everything that does not belong to the “hole”.

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Just tried it out and it worked. Thanks again. Another “tool” in my personal toolbox!

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Sorry I have to bother again:

Of corse there can be always a more complicated case :wink:

I tried the same steps on this model but can´t get it to work as I want to.

Here the sample:

Sketchup PushPull test 2.skp (26.5 KB)

Okay, I got it going, Its a little backwards and a lot of clicking but eventually I got it as well. Thanks.

Ok, here it is since I did it.


And if you need to intersect pipes have a look at this;