Pushpull function questions

By any chance, among the pushpull functions, is there a function that is pushpull until the end of the point where the selected surface can reach without entering the dimension?

For example,

Of course, in the case of the above image, it is a problem that can be solved by clicking the mouse on the destination point, but it is rare that the starting point and the arrival point are shown on one screen when modeling in detail.

I wish I knew the dimensions every time, but that’s practically impossible. So I’m just wondering if there’s a ‘push’ function from the place of departure to the point where it touches one side. Maybe it’s a beginner’s question, but please help.

Use the ‘On Face’ Inference.
GIF 5-06-2024 6-47-05 PM

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Thank you, but the function I’m asking is to process it at the starting point without taking the mouse to the ‘on face’. In the above case, both the starting point and the arrival point come into the same screen, but fine and detailed modeling requires effort to turn and turn the view to find the ‘on face’ arrival point. I want to reduce such time.

@Box showed you the ‘On Face’ inference. To also show you that orbiting is possible during the operation. Without a known dimension you need at least the target from the beginning or by orbiting. Otherwise its like modeling blindfolded.
In the case above you can pull to inference ‘On Edge’ or ‘On Endpoint’. Both are visible even without the ‘On Face’ option.

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Without inferencing, as noted above, sketchup doesn’t know what your destination point is, so you have to tell it somehow. You could measure the distance first, but that would be essentially the same as push/pull anyway, and requires more steps.

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If you’re interested, there are a few extensions that can do that sort of thing

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Using ‘Push/Pull’ successfully blindfolded? What would an extention know that native SketchUp doesn’t know.?

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I was thinking about Curic Extend - not exactly what OP was asking, but it falls in the “sort of thing” category.


ah! pull to first encountered face or to neatest objects bounding box.

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Hoo… I don’t think the explanation is enough because I’m not good at English. Still, I’ve learned how to record a window screen to explain it somehow.

For example,

  1. As a result, I want to make a shape like this. ↓↓↓↓

  2. I’ll show you the process of making it.

    Did you see?

  3. But I already knew that,

    Square A and square B are in a horizontal relationship.

  4. So, I want this!! like, ↓↓↓↓

    Instead of turning the screen around looking for the destination of ‘push’, I want to know the function of CRUSH on some side of the horizon that only I know already!!

As has been mentioned, the exact function you want does not exist without some sort of extension.

The double-click feature on push/pull applies the last used push/pull distance to the subsequent push/pull action. Another option is to use Follow Me instead of Push/Pull. sorry forgot to record the mouse pointer on the first video

Another extension (free) is Extrusion Tools. With “Extrude Edges by Vector to Object” you can pick a very large distance to extend (if you don’t know the exact distance) and it will stop at the first intersecting face.

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart. But the things you’ve told me aren’t satisfying the simple features I want either.


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