Pushing without arithmetic or pushing to an absolute value


I have an component that is some unknown height but I’m certain it is much taller than I want it to be.
I know want it to be 18" tall.
I could measure it discover it is for example 5’ 6" (66") tall and then do a push of -48 inches so it is now 4’ tall.
Is there a way to avoid the measuring and arithmetic and just enter in an absolute value?
I suppose I want a push till you hit 18" command.
Does that make any sense?


You can add a contruction line or point to avoid the calculation. If your situation allows the usage of the scale tool, you can enter the desired length instead of the scale factor.


Hi Cotty
The construction line works fine but apparently I didn’t understand the scale tool.
I couldn’t get the scale tool to work.
Well it works like it is supposed to work but I still had to put in a scale value.

Let’s say i have a component that is 2" in the direction where I want it to be 1 “.
I could grab the appropriate handle and pull it or push it in the direction I wanted and then in the window I typed in a value of .5.
That would give me a 1” piece where I used to have a 2" but I had to know that 2 scaled by .5 gives me one 1".
If I put .5 It would give me a 1" piece but I don’t want to have to do the arithmetic when the value is difficult to divide in half e.g. if you have 5’ 4 3/16" and you want it to be and inch then you have to do the math to work out you need a scaling factor of .015579357 to make it one inch tall.
Does this make sense?


When you Scale an object, the inputted number is taken as a ratio.
So if you input 18 it’s made x18 higher than it was before !
BUT if you suffix your scale value with a unit, then it’s scaled to be that height.

    18    >>> x18 higher than it was before
    18"   >>> 18" high
    1'6"  >>> 18" high
    460mm >>> 460mm high [approx 18"]

and so on…
No need for complex scaling values at all.


How does one enter the quote (for inches) when pressing shift toggles uniform scaling instead of accessing the capitalized keys?

[edit: answered my own question: you must click to set the initial scale and then type in the desired size including quote character for inches]


That works till I hit the shift key to enter " for inches.
The shift key is the toggles uniform.
How can I enter " without toggling the uniform scale?


sorry for the post I started typing and went into the next room i didn’t see my question had already been answered by slbaumgartner.
Thanks to everyone!.


Hi slbaumgartner

" you must click to set the initial scale"
Umm umm ckick what?


You mouse-click on one of the handles presented by the scale tool to start the resize, move the cursor a bit to make it “take”, then click again to set the scale. After the second click you can type a value for the exact size.


Hi slbaumgartner
Yes yes mucho thanks.
That will save me so much time.