Push whole side at once

Newbie here, trying to get the hang of this.

I want to push this whole side over at once, but it makes me do it in sections

When I try to delete these lines it deletes the whole plane. How can I merge that whole side together so I can push it all at once?

If erasing those edges removes faces, your faces aren’t in the same plane. Very likely the best fix is to start over and make it correctly so those faces are planar and those edges can be removed. What is it supposed to be?

Remaking it kind of defeats the purpose, moving them section by section would be a lot faster. I was curious if it was possible to make it all one piece so I can push the side in for the whole unit. This is a bracket. I had success welding it at one point but I couldn’t replicate it for the other sections and now the weld wont take at all.

I want to just make the large bracket the same width as the L bracket.

It’s just by eye from your image, but it looks like the long part isn’t on the same plane as the little squares at its ends. There looks like a small bevel if you look closely at the top or bottom edge.

Attach your model to get a full answer.

The pieces are the same width / height. I made sure of that when building it piece by piece

It looks to me as if you could have modeled that differently to make it possible to get the dimensions you want.

Select the ends of the bracket and use the move tool.

Brilliant!!! Thank you. In regards to your upload request, what is the preferred export file type? This is like the 2nd thing I have ever made on sketch up, please excuse my ignorance. Looks like I can choose png or stl

Use download, not export.

If you’d modeled the end of the bracket correctly you could adjust the length of it with Push/Pull.

FWIW, if redrawing the model makes the geometry correct so you can work with it properly, it’s not defeating the purpose.


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