Push tool changes my geometries and cannot undo

Good morning to all,

Firstly I am a newbie, learning by myself for the last 6 months-ish with various youtube and online documentations - this one however has stomped me.

Recently as I am building larger projects for our buz, mainly building floorplans to add our furniture to it, I seem to have had a problem with the push tool which kills my entire project without warning or notice.

It happens for example as I am putting window frames and use to push tool. I select the face, use the tool and when I let go to accept - all my geometries of the whole project change and I am unable to undo the last change.

I have looked far and wide online for a solution, however, can’t find one. Today it happened again on the last window I was doing and was unable to undo the last change error…

As it happened before - I tend to double save my projects now - so this time all I had to start again were the window frames, but the first time it happened I had to start the full project from scratch.

For example - my geometries at 90 degrees all change to 30 degrees for example… or to make it worse - it will change my geometries to something I cannot recognise… like a square becomes a star

Any ideas on how this may be avoided ?? or why it may happen - maybe I am missing something simple to avoid this from happening :slight_smile:



You have to share your .skp to get an answer. It’s just guessing without seeing it. You can drag your model in the answer box if it’s not bigger than 10Mb. If bigger than you could use Dropbox or another sharing app and place the link here

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Not for certain without seeing what you have.

For example, what is meant by this?

If you are doing it the way you should, the walls will be in one group and the window assembly in another. If the window is a Component, it may have cutting abilities built in. If it doesn’t, you would normally create a bounding line around it in the wall Group/Component and then Push/Pull to the opposite side of the wall. Job done.

A screen recording could also be helpful in finding out what causes this.

If your walls are in a group or component, you must open this to be able to modify it using whatever tool, including the Push/Pull tool.

Then, exit the group or component and then install the window.

This above is exactly what is done always, and then once in a while randomly, all the geometries change…

Also, thank you to all that have replied, waiting to get the error again to do a “save as” and post it here for you…