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Greetings. I am new to the forum. I am a cabinetmaker and have been using Make 2017 for quite sometime. I have attached a 45push.skp file. I am stumped on how to do the following.

Note the 9 “boxes”. Each box is 3" x 3" x 1" (and they are not grouped). Note the blue “square” (it is grouped). The blue square has been rotated 45 degrees. I want to move the center of the rotated blue square onto the top of the center of box number 1. Then I want to PUSH “down” the “blue square” into “box 1” to a depth of 3/8". When that is performed the tips of the blue square will additionally cut into boxes 2, 3, 4, and 5.

I can’t seem to conquer the process to end up with a clean recess downward into all 5 boxes. I would really appreciate someone’s help.

Thanks so much for any assistance.


45Push.skp (70.1 KB)

Is this what you are trying to end up with?

Do you ultimately want the 9 boxes to be separate pieces?

What is this really supposed to be?

You could end up with the separate blocks and create the recess more easily than moving the diamond into place and intersecting it.

hoover over ‘Points of Interest’ to invoke the inference system to your liking:

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Yes, this is what I am wanting. I am studying the two tips to see how it was accomplished. In answer to your question - what is this?: I am just at the design/concept phase of an idea and trying to move forward on a concept. My post is a request to try and understand procedure.

For the screen shot showing your completed model, I did what MikeW did. If you want the nine parts to be separate piece when you are finished, though, it would be better to have them as components in the first place. That’s what I did in the GIF.

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I’m starting to pick up on the concept. Will I be able to make individual components afterwards out of EACH of the 1,2,3,4, and 5 boxes??

See my last screen shot. It could be done starting from your model but it would be a lot more work than you need to do. Easier if you start with the separate components as I did.


I just now saw your last post. That is EXACTLY what I want to accomplish. Then I can create 5 different components. I will study now to see if I can do it.

You’ll notice that in my example there are really only three different component definitions. One for the center block, one for the four corner blocks and a third for the blocks that get the V-shaped notch.

The hard part for me regarding starting with the separate components is the “math up front”. I can’t quite figure out how to compute the little triangles. I suppose I could switch over to my 2D CAD program for that to get measurements. Not sure if Sketchup will return the desired measurement precision.

Maybe you should review your high school geometry. What I did created exactly the same size recess you were trying to create with your square turned 45°. Certainly the precision is high enough for what you can manage in your shop.

You’ll notice I didn’t need to enter any dimensions other than the first Push/Pull distance.

Yes, I picked up on all of that. I’m tired and probably making things more difficult than need be. I need to settle down, get a drink of water, and put my own mind into gear off of what you have offered. I’m close - and working on getting it zeroed in for my needs.

Thanks a bunch to DaveR and MikeWayzovski.

Everything is working out just fine.



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