Push shape into surface- only working on slanted angles

Hi everyone;

I cant make rectangles push into my surfaces anymore only when at a strange angle. Think ive aorked out the issue, my component/building seems to be on a strange axis. (see image) how can i set it in a way that i can be sure my object is in a central, normal axis orientation? moving it around is confusing- isnt there a basic set to centre axis option?

thanks a lot!

Try R-click on any axis, in the drawing window. If you have the option Reset, click it - that indicates you have at some point changed the usual axis orientation, possibly by accident.

thanks john, when i right click on axis the reset bar is grey-frozen. any ideas?

i tried making my building a component then setting the axis according to one of the corners, but that also didnt help.

Please upload the model so we can check it out.

Did you use labels? And then erased something?
This looks more like the ‘disappearing text-bug’
Still guessing, though, without the actual file.