Push/Pull wont pull to an entered measurement

Hi, I am having trouble pulling a face to a required length in my group.

I have drawn a concrete slab (made of 3 parts) which I have grouped and assigned to a layer (Ground Floor). I have entered that group, selected the 3 sections of slab and assigned them another layer (Existing).

Now when I enter the group and select an individual slab in the ‘Existing’ layer, it wont let me specify a push/pull measurement after I pull up the face. I can push/pull, but cant push/pull to an exact required distance.

Why is it doing this? I can push/pull outside all the groups ie Layer0, so what am I doing wrong inside the groups/layers?



OK, so when I entered the ‘Ground Floor’ group, and then selected the 3 slab sections, this time I put them in a group before assigning them to ‘Existing’.

It now works.

I’m assuming the moral of the story here is, items must be grouped before assigning a layer??



Only groups and components should be assigned to layers other than Layer 0.

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