Push Pull tool will not follow curve or go arround corners



Just downloaded Make 2017 with the understanding that a 30 day full trial version of Pro was part of the download. I have used Pro and Make since its introduction. I currently do not have a full version available to me. Make has been sufficient for at home use. I upgrade make every time an upgrade is available. Here is the problem… I cannot get the push/pull tool to follow a curve or go around corners using any of the methods available to achieve this.

I am certain it is not a hardware issue. I have installed and uninstalled Make 2017 several times. I have read all the topics related to this issue.

What, going on?


Push/Pull has never ever extruded around a curve in any version of Sketchup. Follow Me does, though.

Post an example SKP file that shows what you are attempting to do so we can help you get it right.


terrible brain cramp. Thank you for your reply