Push pull Tool offset limited

Good Day

I am doing the online Tutorial to learn Sketchup. I am using the Trial version of Sketchup 2020.

I am on Lesson 6 https://learn.sketchup.com/course/quick-start/getting-started-6-circles

I have drawn the Arc and using the push pull tool am unable to erase the section when pushing it I get the message offset limited to -0.03m

I then followed the instructions and drew the circles with no problem was able to use the push pull tool to erase the circles.

I have tried to re do the lesson several times, the instructions are clear and easy to follow, I just however can not get it to work, can someone possibly advise me if there is possible a settting or something that I need to check

Many thanks

The push-pull tool has hit an edge or face at that point. Try inferencing to a point on the opposite face. Sometimes you’ll see that message and the push pull still works. Like if your material is 0.3m it would say “offset limited to 0.3m” but when you do the 2nd click it still cuts it off.

If you share your SketchUp file here (drag it to where you type your reply) and we can take a look at it.

Sketch up Tutorial.skp (155.1 KB)

@McGordon Thank you for the assistance, before replying I have tried what you have suggested but with the same results still.

Included is the file

Thank you


There’s an edge on the back that is causing the problem, remove it and all is good.
Edge on back


Thank you very much problem solved another lesson learned