Push Pull on a radius question

How can I extrude this radius bevel without the compound bevel on the end? I’d like to have the radius bevel continue to the square end.

Maybe you don’t need to extrude it with Push/Pull at all and could use the Move tool.

If you want to use Follow Me, run the path off the end so the bevel goes beyond the side of the part. Then cut off the excess with a cutting plane.


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Dave, thanks again for a solution. I’ve got to get better at trying different approaches. Seems like I focus in on the method I think will work and overlook another method.

Understood. It’s easy to get a bit of tunnel vision.

A couple of key things remember about Follow Me: The profile wants to be perpendicular to the first segment in the path and the extrusion will finish perpendicular to the last segment.

If the profile is not perpendicular to the first segment, it’ll be projected, not rotated to perpendicular. This will change the shape of the extrusion compared to the original.

If you are familiar with woodworking, that projection of the profile is similar to the way molding plane irons are ground. If you want to plane a circular bull nose with a molding the plane, the iron actually needs to be ground with an elliptical curve.