Push pull not working on zig zag

container home plans.skp (480.7 KB)
I made some zig zag lines to represent the corrugated sides of a shipping container. I made them a group and then copied and moved them 1/8" for thickness. I then closed the ends with two small lines and made the whole thing a group. I want to push-pull this, but it won’t do it. Where did I go wrong?

Did you enter the group for editing before trying to Pushpull.

Yes. Entered, opened, closed, selected every way I thought of and I get the little red circle with the line through it when I move the push-pull tool over it.

If you attach the model someone can check it. I can’t just now.
Also turn on hidden geometry from the View menu and see if there are any edges showing across the face.

It’s uploaded. Thanks, I’ll double check with the hidden geometry.

There were a few things going on here. It looked like you made a section of the wall and and grouped it and then copied that group along to make a longer stretch of wall, and you did this with both sides, so the sides were made up of multiple groups. To be able to push pull you would need to be on one face and you wouldn’t be able to make one face from multiple components. So in this case I exploded everything and then was able to connect both sides to create one face. There were also a few gaps which I found using “edge tools”
What you should of done is stayed within your original group and edited by copying the shorter wall sections along and then copied that whole line over the thickness of the material, connected both ends to make a face and then push pull, exit out and that wall would be in its own group. There are many other ways to do this too.
I sent back the file with the wall as you indicated it might be?

container home plans2.skp (587.1 KB)

basic method for this as far as I understand how you were attempting it. Copy primary section along and duplicate as many times as you want. copy it over or use offset. connect end points and create a face to push pull.

Wow, you figured out exactly what I did AND a solution. I will check out what you did and work with it. THANKS!

Got it! Thanks again.

Maybe not on topic but if you copy one side 1/8" like this, the “slanted” parts of the wall will not have a thickness of 1/8"!
If this matters to you, you should be using offset.

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You can make one section of the wall as a component and array copy it to get the complete wall.

That is a good point. I will try the offset method. Thanks.

Thank you, I will check that out,.