Push/pull- move commands

Dear all,
I know my questions may sound dumb but I am a Sketch Up beginner, and while I like it a lot, I get frustrated when I don’t understand how things (don’t) happen. So here’s the questions:

  1. Quite often I 've tried to use the push/pull command and just nothing happened. When is it supposed not to work?
  2. Whenever I use the move command, I can never quite move what I want to move without the thing it is attached to getting deformed. How can you avoid this and when does it happen?
    Your helped will be highly appreciated!

this 2 video will help u

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  1. Quite often I 've tried to use the push/pull command and just nothing happened. When is it supposed not to work?[/quote]

I can think of a long list of times when Follow Me is not supposed to work. It would be much easier if you could show us what you are trying to do when it doesn’t work.

Very likely you need to learn about the sticky nature of geometry and using groups and components to provide separation. I suggest you spend some time going through the basic video offered here.

For the push/pull, make sure the face isn’t curved. Make sure it’s not a group/component or that you are editing the group/component (double click). Make sure you have the correct face selected.

For moving. To keep stuff from deforming other stuff you need to put it in a group/component. Alternatively you can press ctrl, that will duplicate the selected stuff but will leave behind the original.

Guys thank you very much. I remember that the thing that I was trying to pull was a simple inclined plane-a roof. I 'll look more closely to see whether the face was curved as Sabre suggested but I don’t think so. Often I get the annoying feeling that sometimes things work and some other times they don’t. I guess I need to familiarize myself with the program more!

Actually, the list is infinitely long, and most of the entries are quite improbable.

Come now, @Stxa_014, when did you ever get a list of places where something won’t work? Did you plan to compare this list with a list of all the places that exist in the universe to deduce where it actually will work? What a bizarre request. How about just specifying where the thing does work in the first place?

To sum it up for you, Push/Pull works on only one kind of object: an individual face. Period (or as some would say, full stop).